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Psychotherapy in English & in French

© Florence Marston

How I can help

My 5-year clinical and academic training required me to be in therapy myself, so I know what it feels like to sit in the client’s chair. Although difficult at times, I found the experience profoundly rewarding and fulfilling and I hope I can help you have a similar experience.

I believe the relationship we create provides the foundation for healing. By offering a warm, non-judgmental and confidential environment, I hope you will feel safe to work through painful feelings and explore your concerns and your thoughts.

My therapeutic approach

As an Integrative Psychotherapist, I do not believe that one therapeutic approach can help everyone and I strive to find the right approach for each individual client. My practice is informed by a range of long-established therapeutic approaches, comprised mainly of relational psychoanalysis, humanistic theory and attachment theory. My work also includes a trauma-informed perspective and is grounded in the latest findings in neuroscience. I understand these concepts may be foreign to most people and I am happy to clarify them during our first consultation if you would like to know more. But to put it simply, the work we do together tends to involve a combination of focusing on current issues, examining the past and processing emotions so that they become less troublesome.

"Know all the theories, master all the techniques, but as you touch a human soul be just another human soul."


Carl Jung

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